Frequently Asked Questions

BeachEast Conditions of EntryHere are the answers to a few questions we have been asked.

1. Where is BeachEast?

BeachEast is at Queen Elizabeth Olympic park.

Find out how to find BeachEast here.

How to Find Us

2. What time does BeachEast open and close?

BeachEast is open from Saturday July 23rd until September 4th and open everyday from 10am – 10pm


3. Last year BeachEast was free. Why are is there a charge this year?

In 2015 BeachEast was very successful. The site was never over-crowded but visitor feedback told us that the beach and pool were sometimes a bit too busy.

This year we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the beach, and the pool, safely and in comfort.

So we are building an even bigger beach, creating an extra paddling pool especially for toddlers and introducing an entry charge.

We are charging adults £2 and children (over 3 and under 12) £1. Entry is free for children of 3 and under. Everyone paying to come in will be given money-off vouchers equal to the entry price.

The vouchers can be used on any of the rides and, subject to a minimum spend, at most food and drink outlets, including at the bar.

We believe this will be the best way to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy BeachEast at its best.


4. Why can I not bring a picnic this year?

There are a number of reasons.

Firstly, BeachEast is a privately paid for and operated by the Mellors Group. It’s not in any way paid for by the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We need to cover all our costs from our on-site trading. In 2015 our food and drink sales were not as good as they need to be because so many people brought their own food and drink.

At very busy times picnic blankets spread on the sand or astroturf took up too much room. The Olympic Park is really big. There are lots of great picnic places close to BeachEast.

Too many people who brought food and drink with them last year did not take their rubbish away. They just left it wherever they had been sitting. This kind of thing spoils other people’s enjoyment and means we have to pay for extra cleaning staff.

Too much food waste was finding its way from the picnic blanket into the sand on the beach.

We believe this is the best way to keep BeachEast clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy.



5.Will there be wristbands for rides this year?

Wristbands are something we are looking into for this year’s BeachEast. As yet no decision has yet been made, but we will make an announcement as soon as we can.

Keep checking our Social media pages for more updates.


6. How much are the rides?

The prices range from £2 to £4.



7. Can I bring my own alcoholic drinks?

No. Only alcohol purchased on site may be drunk on site. Any found will be confiscated and you may be asked to leave.


8. Are dogs allowed?

No, sorry. Dogs are not allowed. Except Assistance Dogs of course.

9. Can I bring my BBQ?

No, sorry. No BBQs

10. How good is disabled access.

Pretty good. The site has decking and astrotrurf which is mostly level. There are a few shallow ramps. The sand is sand though. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has some mobility scooters and other access services. For details of those click here.

11. Are there any other Conditions of Entry?

Yes there are.

You must look after your own valuables on site.
No glass is to be brought on to the site.
Door satff reserve the right to search any member of the public.
No dogs, except assistance dogs.
No weapons.
No illegal substances.
Children must be supervised by an adult.
Large non-family groups may be refused entry.
Anyone exhibiting unruly behaviour will be asked to leave.

Please be aware that publicity and press photos might be taken at BeachEast at anytime. If you do not wish to be in any photos you must let us know by speaking to the token office staff. Otherwise consent to take photos of you and any children in your charge is assumed.

Thank you for your co-operation.

12. How much are drinks?

BeachEast Bar Price List

We are currently revising our price list and will be shown on this site shortly.
Keep checking back for updates on our drinks.